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Meet our Director

After 30 years of experience in the aviation industry, as general aviation pilot, corporate pilot, airline first officer and then captain. Lately, I have been working as business jet instructor, examiner and check airman. Most recently, I have accepted a role as Director of Flight Operations with one of the most prestigious aeronautical universities. With this experience, and having flown in North and South America, The Caribbean, North Africa, Europe and Asia; I organized and registered in the State of Kansas, U.S.A. “Tristar Aviation Consulting & Services”. I am sincerely convinced I can serve aviation worldwide with the qualifications, knowledge and experience acquired throughout these years. It has been a long road from the early age of 19, roaring over the jungles of South America in a single engine C172, to the twin engine Piper Aztec. I moved to the position of first officer of the Boeing 707 of the Paraguayan Airlines at age 29, and captain of the Lockheed L1011 at age 38. The Tristar, in conjunction of the love for my family and our three children, were the inspiration in deciding the name for our company. My wife Olga, our children Alfredo, Marcela and Santiago were always my support and inspiration through these years of sacrifices and fulfillment. Please navigate our website www.tristaraviationconsulting.com and, if you feel I can help, click on “contact”. I will promptly respond to you,
Thank you for your trust.
Ceferino Gimenez